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It is fortunate that now, the preservation of the planet becomes an evidence. The damage caused to humanity is now more than concrete and more and more organizations around the world are ready now to look at the reality face to face.
Huge efforts are done through private investments, grants, incentives for supporting the energy transition and waste global management which are the major keys of this disaster.
We probably passed now a critical “non return” point, however, this does not mean giving up and our duty now is to limit the consequences by changing our ways of doing. 
We must not consider what happens as a fatality, but as our most challenging task to achieve.
This incoming disaster situation is the source of so many initiatives that raised for developing clever technologies such as producing and storing energy or managing the waste issue in a clever way.
A single technology will solve a short term and precise issue and there are so many emerging for brilliant ideas. 
 However, when properly combined, several technologies will secure a long term, coherent and sustainable strategy.  
This is the mission that I gave to Tecnovia Ltd, when I founded this company: Designing full concepts linked with energy and waste management, inside industrial projects.
Research, sourcing, concept creation, engineering, marketing, are all tools for achieving major goals with optimal efficiency.
That is what Tecnovia is proposing at international level.

 Implementing an activity in any continent of the planet, developing a complex multi-technical project, designing innovative and even disruptive concepts, require a proper methodology combined with an access to the potential sources of technologies, materials, scientific expertise, marketing channels, and finance resources. 
 TECNOVIA acts not only as a technology development coach but also as a designer and coordinator of various technologies that fits with the customer targets. 
 TECNOVIA represents an ideal toolbox allowing the inventors, concept developers, business development organizations to concentrate on their project, while letting to Tecnovia the task of solving and optimizing complex tasks.
 Because the challenge of Humanity has never been so crucial, TECNOVIA is acting as a “Pusher-Puller” on existing hi-tech project models, serving projects for environment improvement and human welfare.

Eric GARD, Founder and CEO of Tecnovia Ltd