Executive advisor in environment and energy management

Educational Back Ground :

  • Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering (B.Sc. I.E.) Graduated in year 1976 from Prince of Songkla University, Amphur Haadyai, Songkla Province, Thailand.
  • Master degree in Mechanical Engineering (M.S.E.) Graduated in 1978 from West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia, USA.

Working Experiences :

  • 34 Years in palm oil industry – CPI – Chumporn Palm Oil Ind. (Public) Co., Ltd. (1981-2006 (except 1989) as “Assistant Managing Director”, (2007 - Present) as “Advisor”.
  • CPI is a public listed oil palm & palm oil industrial company, comprise of 5 locations of oil palm plantation with total 8,000 acres (3,200 hectares) of land, a 60 TFFB/H Capacity of CPO Mill, a 140 T/D Capacity of Solvent Extraction Process CPKO Mill, 2x300 T/D Capacity of Edible Oil Refinery and Fractionation Plants and 4 Packing Lines of Edible Oil Packing Plant. All the above mentioned plants were situated inside the “Integrated Complex” utilizing energy supplied by oil palm biomass residue from 60 TFFB/H CPO Mill applying Tri Energy Co-generation Power Plant development concept in combination of Biogas produced from Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) & Decanter Cake with total installed capacity of 5.90 MW.
  • Remark: CPI won both “2008 Thailand Energy Award” and “2008 Asian Energy Award” announced in August, 2008 in Bangkok from “The Concept of Tri Energy In The Biomass Cogeneration Plant”
  • 3 Years in Pulp & Paper Industry – SPPC - Siam Kraft Ind. (Public) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Siam Cement Group of Company (1978 - 1981) As Power Plant Engineer.
  • 3 Years in Sugar Cane Industry – KI - Korach Industry. (1990 - 1994) as Engineering Manager.
  • 1 Year in Edible Oil Business, a fully integration of Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil & Coconut Oil Refinery & Fractionation Plant and Margarine & Shortening and Palm Stearin, Palm Kernel Oil and Coconut Oil Hydrogenation Plant - Lum Soon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (1989)
  • 2008 1 Year as Consultant for MT Energie Gmb., a Dry & Co Fermentation Biogas Technology Provider from Germany.


Existing Career:


2007 - Present: Advisor, Chumporn Palm Oil (Public) Co., Ltd. Major tasks are:

  • Continuous improvement of the existing complex process efficiency, concentrated more in Biomass Tri Energy Cogeneration Plant, Biogas Power Plant, Heat and Steam Recovery system. 
  • Development concept of a new 45/60 TFFB/H CPO Mill to be located inside one of the company’s oil palm plantation aiming to sell optimum electricity to the grid. The project was planned to be completed around mid of 2016.
  • Consultant to the company’s Technical Committee to evaluate various new developed technologies to be applied, examples are:
  • Latest 300,000 liters/day Biodiesel Plant to be located in the existing CPI’s “Integrated Complex”. The project was planned to be completed by 2016.
  • New 45 TFFB/H CPO Mill Project to be incorporate with the latest fully automatic control and shall be able to sell the maximum electricity to PEA.
  • Various minor projects such as energy savings, oil loss reduction, etc.

2009 - Present: Senior Advisor, Deeptek Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Bio Energy Tech Co., Ltd.) A subsidiary of Thai Agency Engineering (TAEC) Group of Company. Major task is to create and develop new potential business or process technology or products in the renewable energy and palm oil industry to expand TAEC Group’s business opportunity.  Following are few projects:

  • Biodegradable industrial oil & grease production using palm oil and its downstream products and derivatives as feed stock.
  • Create concept for developing the 1st “Integrated Paddy Rice Farming Pilot Project” in Nakornnayok province.
  • Graphene Nano Platelets joint development with Nanotec and other R&D  organization.

2019 - Present: Executive Advisor, Technovia Corporation

  • To assist and support Graphene Nanoplatelets application development with various R&D organizations in Thailand.
  • To assist and support market and production development in Thailand for “Liquid Mineral Hydrogen Storage” and “Hydrogen On Demand Fuel Cell”.

2010 - 2018: Advisor MTSI CPO Mill in Cambodia (Formerly was Business Flow Development Consultant of Plantheon Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company under Thai Bev Group). Project or process consultation area are:

  • Process performances improvement for the existing (1st) 30 TFFB/H CPO Mill in Cambodia.
  • Project consultation for a new 45 TFFB/H (2nd) CPO Mill project in CambodiaProcess performances improvement for 2nd CPO Mill- Development of down stream business from CPO mill such as Palm Kernel Crushing Mill, Refinery Plant, Basic Oleochemical Plant, etc.

2010 – Mid of 2014: Advisor of the “Infrastructure, Transportation and Energy Working Committee”. This committee was 1 out of 13 working committee in the “National Economics & Social Advisory Council (NESAC)”. This council had been acted as the country’s “Think Tank” since 16 years ago and it composed of Thailand’s top rank 99 elected members from various professional fields. The major task is to propose or advice the appropriate policy for the country’s economic and social development. All the proposal with advisory report will be reported directly to the Prime Minister Office. Example of the proposal to be applied or deployed by the government are (1) One Community One Renewable Energy (2) Renovation and Reutilization of Don Mueng Airport (3) Development & Utilization of Rail Track to Reduce Country’s Logistics Cost. (4) Utilization of Degraded Land as “Bio diesel Production & Electricity Generation, Poverty Alleviation and Major Flood Reservoir for the Country”.

2015 R&D Project Standing Committee: To evaluate any palm oil industrial R&D project seeking for R&D funding support in the “Giga Impact Initiative (GII) R&D Project Funding Support Scheme” provided by the “National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA)”.

In Charge of The National Energy Policy Set Up Committee, National & International Energy Road Map Set Up Task Force And Speaker and/or Panelist In Several Local & International Conferences:

  • Invited by Dr. Nit Chataramunkalasri, Advisor of former Minister of Energy, Dr. Prommintra Lertsureedaj. Presenting the conceptual idea for the development of Bio diesel using palm oil in Thailand. The concept was applied and set up as the National Agenda in the later stage.
  • In charged of the Bio diesel Policy Working Committee for the setting up of Action Plan together with many other related ministry’s staff to promote and mandate Bio diesel from B2->B5.
  •  Involved in a working group for setting up of road map created by brain storming for the topic “APEC Future Energy Technology Foresight” during 2004-2005 of which delegates were from all APEC countries. The project was completed in November 2005.
  • Involved in the working group for setting up of road map in the same manner as above in 2006 for the topic - “Thailand Future Energy Foresight” organized by MTEC.
  • Involved in a task force for setting of “Bio diesel Standard for APEC Region”. The 1st and 2nd workshop was finished mid of 2007 and 2008 respectively.
  •  Assigned by the Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Energy (MOE) to be in charged of a working committee for setting up of “Long Term National Energy Policy To Year 2017” to be submitted within the end of 2008.
  • Invited to be a speaker for an international conference for the topic - “ 2nd World Renewable Energy Summit (WRES)” held in Kualalumpur, Malaysia, during the third week of March, 2007.
  • Invited by GTZ (now is GIZ) to be one of the speaker and panelist to present and comment in an international conference for the topic of “Policies Against Hunger - Bio energy and Food Security” held in Berlin between 16-19 December, 2007. The conference was organized by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture & Consumer Protection of Germany. My presentation was “Eco Bio fuel Integrated Complex (EBIC) & Palm Oil Industrial Cluster (POIC) Concepts For Food & Fuel Security & Sustainable Development.” After presentation, few guidance comments for the appropriate development of the bio fuel from oil palm plantation were given to many delegates from African countries as requested. Few months later, GTZ assigned a staff to discuss and collect more comment and information from me in Bangkok. Finally, GTZ allocated 140 million baths funding support to the “Office of Agriculture Economics” for setting up of “Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) - Thai Context”.
  • Briefing appropriate concepts of the Bio fuel Development from palm oil and other oil palm biomass to suit Uganda circumstances to the Agricultural Minister of Uganda during his trade visit to Thailand in August 2008.
  • Invited to be a speaker for the CDM Project involved parties seminar “Experience With Biogas Technology For Advanced Waste Management In Thai Palm Oil Industry Facilitation Workshop under the T@W (Technology At Work) project Co funded by the EC’s 6th Framework Program Matchmaking between CDM project owners and EU stakeholders and other forms for business cooperation in the field of sustainable energy” held on 25/2/2008 in Bangkok.
  • Invited to be a panelist in 2 workshops organized by the Asian Development Bank (ADB):

1st Workshop: ADB Planning Workshop On Strategies & Options For Integrating Bio fuel and Rural Renewable Energy For Poverty Reduction held at FAO, Bangkok, during 11th -13th June, 2007. My presentation topic was “Thailand Bio fuel Development In The Next Decade : Potential & Key Success Concepts”

2nd Workshop: The Environment Seminar organized by the Environment Operations Center of ADB during 26th -29th February 2008 held at the ADB Thailand Resident Mission, Bangkok. My presentation Topic was “Eco Bio fuel Integrated Complex (EBIC) & Palm Oil Industrial Cluster (POIC) Concepts For Food & Fuel Security & Sustainable Development” by introducing and promoting the bio fuel crops in the countries in GMS.

Note: GMS stand for “Greater Mekong Sub Region” comprise of Thailand, South China, Loas, Combodia, Myanmar and Vietnam.

  • Invited to be a speaker in an International Conference “Global Sustainable Feed Stock, Bio fuel & Biochemical Summit 2009” held during 3-6 March, 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Invited to be a speaker with approximate 8 -10 presentations per year on the similar topics for many Thai government organizations and universities staff.
  • Invited to be a lecturer in an international course for 25 participants from 15 developing countries on a course “World Renewable Energy Trend & Thailand Oil Palm, Palm Oil and Bio diesel Industry Development Trend” organized by Prince of Songkla University during the 4th week of May 2009.
  • Being elected to be the first “Alternative Energy Network Chairman of Thailand” from the “Alternative Energy Network Meeting” organized by Ministry of Energy (MOE) on 31/3/2009
  • Continue the elected post for the 2nd consecutive year in 2010.